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圓號又名法國號 是一種中音銅管樂器。圓號(法國號)早期用於狩獵等工作,之後由於法國音樂家把圓號(法國號)用於歌劇中,所以被稱為法國號。現在較常用的圓號(法國號)依調性來分為F調、降B調及雙調三種。




Why Play French Horn

The French horn or horn consists of about 12 feet of narrow tubing would into a circle. The players obtains different notes on the horn with a clear mellow sound by pressing valves with the left hand and by moving the right hand inside of the bell.

The French horn or horn is the third highest sounding instrument group in the brass family. French horn or horn are mostly tuned in Bb or F, or a combination of both. Compared to other brass instruments, French horn or horn has a very different mouthpiece, but has the widest usable range approximately five octaves, depending on the ability of the player. Pressing the valves, holdings the appropriate amount of lip tension, raising the soft palate, positioning the tongue to produce different notes on the French horn or horn.

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1 吹奏圓號(法國號)前避免飲食,或在飲食後用清水清潔口腔
2 請輕輕地把圓號(法國號)吹咀旋入管中即可,請勿用力拍打吹咀
3 請不要將圓號(法國號)放在椅子、床上、樂器盒上或任何掉落的平面上或可供人坐在上面的表面上。因為大部份圓號(法國號)損壞都是掉壞或壓壞,所以我們建議把圓號(法國號)放入樂器盒內。
4 請不要自己嘗試維修您的圓號(法國號),任何調校的動作應交給合格、有經驗的維修人員處理。
5 請使用軟布將圓號(法國號)上的指紋擦乾淨。
6 將圓號(法國號)吹咀清潔乾淨並擦乾後,放入盒內。
7 將圓號(法國號)調音管抽出,將Rotor Oil 滴入迴瓣中,將Lever 活動一下以


French Horn Maintenance Tips

Most French horn students need an outline of basic procedures to help them protect andmaintain their French horn. Following a regular French horn maintenance schedule offers some definite advantages: the rather large capital investment that a French horn represents is protected and enhanced; small problems can be corrected before French horn become big problems; and the cost of expensive repairs and over hauls is noticeably diminished.

A key to good horn playing is a well maintained horn. If your valves are slow or sticky, then you won't be able to play up to your potential.
This simple French horn maintenance routine will keep your French horn playing and

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